Spacer Bending Machine

Automatic Spacer Bending Machine

1. PLC control, touch screen simple operation.
2. Feeding system adopts CNC servo motor, bending angle uses CNC control system.
3.Four material strage slots for four different specifications of spacers.
4.Bending and cutting automaticlly avoid the connection, the roundness,auto matically cut after bending.
5.With manual operation model,easy to debug and repair.
6.It can make triangle ,rectangle,positive five squareness,positive hexagon,roundness shap and so on.


Technical Data:

Item ABM02
Voltage  380V/50Hz
Air pressure 0.7Mpa
Aluminum bar specification 6~27mm
Aluminum bar size  200×250~2500×2500mm
Bending angle error ±0.3º
Total power 4Kw
Feeding spped 0~90m/min
Data number  (sametime set 4 specication)×(8 size)
Overall dimension 10000×2200×2600mm





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