Sealing Robot

Automatic Sealing Robot

1. Smart design, saving space.
2. Automatic glue discharging function.
3. Special design for checking glue coating depth.
4. Two sets of glue supplying system(optional), completely independent.
5. One key switch for changing two glue supplying system.
6. V type rubber synchronous belts.
7. Customized service be available.

 Technical Parameters:

Max. processing size 3500*2500mm Coating speed 5-40m/min
Min.  processing size 300*180mm Delivery speed 5-50m/min
IG Unit thickness 12-60mm                      Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Coating depth          3-18mm                    Power         13Kw
Aluminum spacer width 6-24mm Overall dimension         11010*3500*3400mm