Glass Washing Machine

Horizontal Glass Washing Drying Machine

1. Automatic horizontal glass washing drying machine.

2. High press vapor washing, individual circulating water.

3. High quality stainless steel cover, transmission rollers adopt full rubber rollers.

4. Main driving adopts stepless frequency speed control.

5. 3 pairs of high quality nylon soft brushes, 3 individual water circuits, water heating.

6. Wash different glasses adopts different brushes(optional).

7. Washing and drying adopts gear driving.

8. Motor lifting(max. 400mm) easy brushes roller replacement structure.

9. Washing height digital display.

10. 2 pairs of high pressure air knife. Stable gear wheel conveyance.

11. High speed washing. Water wringing rollers installed.

12. Low noise, and close air drying room to keep clean.


Technical Parameter:

Max. glass size 2500*3500mm
Min. glass size 200*300mm
Input power 19.5Kw
Glass thickness 3-20mm
Glass washing speed 1-8m/min
Work table height 800mm
Recycle water 0.5T/day
Overall dimension 5800*3300*2200mm