Arch Window Machine

Arch Window Machine

1. This machine is made up of bending and shaping worktable, oil sink, board rod, shaping belt,
and filling belt. It features reliable function, safe operation, and high efficiency.

2. After being filled up with bending stripes, profile be softened in the heating oil sink, and then
it can be bent and finalized the shape you need, but arch diameter is between 500mm and

3. When installing, you must do grounding it according to the electric wiring diagram.

4. The degree of tightness should be suit as the profile is being filled up.

5. After finishing work, you must shut the electric power, clean the worktable surface and hood
the plastic cloth as dustproof.

Technical Parameter:

Input voltage 380V/50Hz Input power 12Kw
Arch diameter 500-1800mm Heating temperature                    90-130 centigrade degree
Worktable dimension                2850*1250*800mm           Oil tank dimension                 3100*300*650mm
Weight 420Kgs