Corner Crimping Machine

Four Point Corner Crimping Machine

1.Used for corner combination of aluminum alloy profile.

2.Adopt programmable controller (PLC) ensures the machine running more steady and reliable.

3.The rectangular frame can be riveted at a time,high production efficiency.

4.Hydraulic system through high and low voltage conversion to realize the second pressing function so that ensure the higher intensity of corner combination.

5.The combination cutter can easily adjusting from front to back and left to right, is sutable for the demand of processing different profiles.

6.High precision linear guiding pair ensured steady and long-term processing accuracy.

Technical Parameter:


Input voltage 380V/50Hz Input power 5.5Kw
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa Air consumption 50L/min
Oil pressure 15MPa Oil capacity 60L
Cylinder movement travel 0-50mm Max. processing width 90mm
Processing range 550*550-1800*3000mm Overall dimension 4700*3000*1750mm