Milling Drilling Machine

End Milling Machine

1.It is suitable for processing mullion of aluminum win-door.

2.Clamping one time can be processed multi-piece profiles which increased the processing efficiency with superior function.

3.Milling the ending of profile,processing the ladder-shape joint.

4.The cutter can adjustable which can mill profiles with different sections.

5.Big diameter cutter with high speed that makes the processing surface in good quality.

6.The speed of saw blade infeed is linerity adjustable by air-hydraulic damper.

7.High precision linear guiding pair ensured steady and long-term processing accuracy.

Technical Parameter:

Input voltage 380V/50Hz Input power 8.8Kw
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa Air consumption 200L/min
Milling cutter diameter Φ250mm Spindle rotation speed 2800r/min                 
Max. tenon depth 40mm Feeding speed 0-2m/min
Overall dimension 3200*1510*1650mm Weight  1000Kgs