Milling Drilling Machine

End Milling Machine

1.This machine is made up of motor box, cutter, working table, machine frame, feeding mechanism, location mechanism, pheumatic system and electrical system.

2.It has the features of pheumatic clamping, manual feeding, milling cutter be rotated by motor, simple structure, reliable function and convenient operation.

3.This machine is the professional equipment be used for Upvc and aluminum profile end surface milling.

4.It can be used for special shaped screw connected aluminum and Upvc transom end milling.

5.It can mill profiles with different sections, and the process can be finished once.

Technical Parameter:

Input voltage 380V/50Hz Input power 0.75Kw
Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa Motor rotation speed 2800r/min
Milling cutter diameter Φ115-Φ160mm        Overall dimension 700*580*1540mm