Glass Washing Machine

Vertical Glass Washing Machine

1.Low-E glass coating surface detection and wash.
2.3 pairs of soff nylon brushes.
3.The distance between brushes is adjustable.
4.2 indepandent water tanks and water cycle.
5.2 stainless steel pump.
6.Water adding automatically.
7.High air press and low noise blower.
8.Air knife degree adjustable.
9.Stainless steel cover for whole washing drying section.
10.Frequency speed contral.
11.Cold light inspection for output converyor.

Technical Parameter:


Model VGM2500
Power 22.45kw
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Max glass size  2500×3000mm
Min glass size 200×540mm
Pane glass thickness 3~15mm
Glass washing speed 0~7m/min
Water electrical conductivity ≤50μS/cm
Overall dimension 9090×2300×3400